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A subtle festival of colours for the new police building in Winterthur, Switzerland

Isabelle Camenzind, as an ETH graduated architect and brand ambassador of Les Couleurs Le Corbusier, stands for everyday, timeless architecture in every scale. From building renovation and new constructions to interior design, furniture design and colour counseling. Always with the goal of creating an atmospheric, inspiring atmosphere and emphasizing the quality of the rooms with selected materials and colors in the long term.

An Elegant December For Architecture & Interior Design

Colours of December, the epitome of nature and holiday spirit, blend seamlessly into every room, creating an ambiance of merriment and elegance all year long. Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy constructs the very essence of what this mirthful season brings into our lives.

How Colours Are Inspired By Nature

Colour is a celebration of what inspires us, and what is more inspirational than nature? In this article, we talk about colours inspired by nature.

The versatility of Le Corbusier’s Whites and other muted neutrals…

White and other muted neutrals… we explore the ways in which we allow whites to shine, achieve warmth, as well as being cool and contemporary. Classical whites and timeless muted neutrals continue to be colours (or non-colours) of choice for architects and designers alike.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Grey (All about the Grey Scale) - Part III

Im letzten Teil unserer Trilogie zu Grau gehen wir auf die Graustufen ein und wie man Le Corbusiers sieben Grautöne in einer Standardformel der Grauskala anordnen würde. Ausserdem wir vergleichen eines von Le Corbusiers Bildern eines Innenraums und interpretieren es auf der Grauskala.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Grey (A Dorian story) - Part I

Grey is one of the world’s most popular neutrals. We interpret the characteristics of grey using colour philosophy tools. Le Cobusier incorporated 7 grey hues within his Architectural Polychromy, acknowledging their association to nature, and demonstrated how unexpected colour combinations balance each other, like a well-composed piece of music. Read our latest article for the whole story.

How light affects colour (pigments and refraction in Les Couleurs)

We examine the powerful and complex relationship between light and colour. How colour varies throughout the differing nuances of natural light and different sources and the direction of light. Le Corbusier repeatedly acknowledged the significance of light in his creations and understood how the complicit relationship between light and colour pirouetted throughout all forms of life. Read our latest article for the whole story.

How to deal with different textures in a colour concept

Getting the balance right when mixing texture with colour. How design intermingles with sensory experiences and vice versa and that mixing textures adds layers of intrigue. Le Corbusier recognised the versatility of concrete early on. Read our latest article for the whole story.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Part III (Green sets the scene)

Colour philosophy and the green. We explore how green is incorporated into Scenery and Sand I atmospheres. Le Corbusier carefully selected 9 shades of green for his green group. Read our latest article for the whole story.