32001 blanc

The first colour of the Architectural Polychromy by Le Corbusier


The Le Corbusier colours - timeless, always up to date and with an incomparable aesthetic. Le Corbusier has harmonised the 63 colours of the Architectural Polychromy perfectly, making them harmoniously combinable throughout. Each of the 63 architectural colours in Le Corbusier's colour system has a historical, artistic and associative background.

The creamy white among the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours. It is a balanced colour, with stable beauty. 32001 blanc is from the first collection from 1931. Le Corbusier has called this white the ideal background colour because, put against this reflective tone, other colours can ideally bring out their beauty. 32001 blanc is also the first mural 'velvet' nuance in the Architectural Polychromy. White is however often thoughtlessly used as 'neutral'. White is not neutral; it is always a certain white. White areas can scatter or reflect light. 32001 blanc is a balanced and pleasant background colour just like 4320B blanc ivoire from the 1959 collection. 32001 blanc is also one of the three basic shades from the "velvet" and "velvet II" colour moods, which are especially recommended colour combinations. The basic tone of Le Corbusier 32001 blanc is combined in particular with the orange shades, 32020 bleu outremer 31 or 32110 l'ocre rouge and many other shades.


A nice example of the use of Le Corbusier colour 32001 blanc is shown with the picture of the Amtshaus Helvetiaplatz in Zurich (©Georg Aerni). 'Agosti - Die Malermeister aus Zürich' have used the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours by KARL BUBENHOFER AG in the renovation and conversion of the listed building.



The effect and meaning of White

White is the opposite of black. White is also called part or origin of light. White is considered the colour of purity too, and this runs through many religions and beliefs. In China or Japan, white is the symbol of age, fall or the west. White is also considered the colour of sterility – but not the creamy white 32001 blanc from the Architectural Polychromy by Le Corbusier. Cream white or just 32001 blanc appears versatile and has a restful, relaxing and yet lively effect. This versatility makes the creamy white ideal for painting a dining room, kitchen, living room or bedroom. The airy atmosphere, which leaves room for design wishes and also accompanies them effectively, works harmoniously in all rooms. In eight colour schemes, Le Corbusier uses 32001 blanc as a combination tone for interior design.

Products in 32001 blanc by Le Corbusier

The harmonious colours of Le Corbusier in daily use. The creamy white from the first colour collection from 1931 is therefore not only used for mineral wall paint by KaBe, lacquer or emulsion paint but also for ceramic tiles from Gigacer, skirting boards from Döllken Profiles GmbH or light switches from JUNG. With the individual colour charts of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, you can easily carry out a sampling.



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