Appartement de la Polychromie - The rebirth of a Parisian apartment

The Parisian old-style apartment designed by the architect Alessandra Pisi Joncoux had to be breathed new life into - now, after a complete renovation, it shines in the fresh Le Corbusier nuances. For PISI DESIGN, it was important to create a connection with the light and to use colour in order to expand the space as well as to design an own identity - "A room without colour is like a room without a soul."


The 7th arrondissement of Paris, near the École militaire, has recently achieved a unique colour design that Le Corbusier himself could not have done better. Here, the owner of the interior design office PISI DESIGN, architect Alessandra Pisi Joncoux, found an apartment for her family.

"The apartment was outdated," says Madame Pisi Joncoux. "Although everything was kept in white, it looked dark and grey due to its location on the ground floor. Something had to happen!" She was glad to be able to supervise this project without external influence, which made it possible for her to apply a much bolder colour design.

Since her Ph.D. with a focus on Le Corbusier's colour design, the architect is fascinated by the Architectural Polychromy, with its timeless colours and harmonious combinations. Now she took advantage of the knowledge of the spatial and human effects of Le Corbusier colours: "I wanted to find a connection with the light and create a bright and open space thanks to the right colour setting."



PISI DESIGN opted for the following seven tones and colour combinations:


"Now, the apartment has a completely new character and an identity. I think that colour is part of well-being. Architecture is truly created by colour - a room without colour is like a room without a soul."


- Alessandra Pisi-Joncoux -

The living room on the front of the apartment shines all in white, the 4320B blanc ivoire. In contrast to the multitude of widely available white colours, the chalky ivory white reflects the light and creates a warm background atmosphere.

The pillar of the passage and the wall projection between the dining area and the living room is fixed with the red ochre tone 32120 terre sienne brulée 31, which visually separates the rooms. The ceiling and wall part in the bright 32102 rose clair creates a flowing transition to the natural colours of the dining and kitchen area.


The dining area conveys a light velvet mood - with the airy 32013 gris clair 31 and the slightly grey 32041 vert anglais clair. The English green, with a hint of blue, appears quiet and restrained.

The kitchen area and the built-in wardrobes were designed by the interior designer in 2015 and were then custom-made. The colour design approximates the tones 32041 vert anglais clair and 32031 céruléen vif. The English green connects to the opposite dining room wall; the cerulean blue creates a warm and Mediterranean atmosphere.With her choice of colours in the dining and kitchen area, Madame Pisi Joncoux loosens the space and visually enlarges it.



"Blue and its green mixtures create space, give dimension, make an atmosphere, distance the wall, make it less perceptible, remove its quality of solidity by interposing a certain atmosphere."


- Le Corbusier -

The wall in the passageway room connecting the library to the living room was designed in 32131 ombre brûlée claire, the ceiling area in 32121 terre sienne brique. With the luminous 4320M le rubis, the designer stages the wall section towards the kitchen.Continuing with 32121 terre sienne brique and 32131 ombre brûlée claire on the wall and the ledge in the workspace.

In addition to the blue tiles in the bathroom, the 32013 gris clair 31 on the ceiling and walls makes the room airy and tall.




The kitchen area before and during the redesign - in fact, here is a fascinating difference created by colour.


After complete renovation, the 100 sqm apartment looks bright and significantly larger. "It was great to experiment with Le Corbusier's colour system, especially in my own apartment. Each colour shade has its own character and despite its long existence in colour theory, all tones are timeless," notes the interior designer.


The colour combinations of the Parisian apartment and countless other unique and timeless designs are possible with the triple row colour fan of the Architectural Polychromy.PISI DESIGN used the wall paint of the renowned Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier product partner KEIMFARBEN for the redesign.



Photos ©Peter Allan & Harold Asencio / PISI DESIGN 2017



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