Dauphin Home at the imm cologne 2017

„Vive la couleur“ – this motto was brought to life by Dauphin Home at the imm cologne trade show


With 12 colours out of Le Corbusiers Architectural Polychromy Dauphin Home brings architectural effects on modular furniture into different areas of life, work and living space.

Dauphin Home modular furniture ‘Bosse module space‘ perfectly juxtaposes both intense - highlighting as well as subtle uni-colour shades on a single piece of furniture.

Furthermore, Dauphin Home masterfully connects object and space with other Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier partner products such as „Perlon Rips LCS“, the classic in floor design by ANKER Professional Carpets, the Le Corbusier mineral wall paint by lKEIM and the authentic wall covering „Le Corbusier DOTS“ by 

Steffen Reim (Division Manager at Dauphin Home) explains the Architectural Polychromy: 
“The Architectural Polychromy is steeped in history and timeless modernity. It is the perfected collection of lively colours, which can classify objects and influence the aesthetic awareness, as Le Corbusier defined.

The design concept of Dauphin Home and Bosse Office Culture connects shape, function and colours with quality and visual effect. With an exciting symbiosis with other Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier product partners from sections like wall paint, wall covering and carpets, our booth highlights the design potential with the polychromatic colour spectrum and gives endlessly diverse inspirations – just like the creative approach of Le Corbusier.”

Visitor comments affirm the impressive effects of space and cognitivity by the Architectural Polychromy and are surprised of the coherent colour harmonies considering the numerous colour contrasts.


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Photos ©Les Couleurs Suisse


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