Design award for Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier book


With the possibilities of four-colour printing, the designer Andreas Seufert managed to put the 63 colours of Le Corbusier on paper and won the German Design Award 2017 for its high quality.




Le Corbusiers (real name Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris) created between 1931 and 1959 the two masterful colour collection. Each colour can be combined with any other colour. All shades are extremely architectural and have a lot of significance in terms of colour and richness of colour.

63 colours from nine colour groups comprise the fascinating range of the Swiss-French architect, city planner, painter, sculptor and furniture designer Le Corbusier. Accurately reproducing these 63 colours with the means of four-colour printing is a great challenge.

According to the jury's verdict, the hardcover book with almost 140 pages meets the high standards of colour fastness and graphic design. In a special mention the jury awarded him the title "excellent communication design".


Renowned designer contest

The German Design Award is the international premium award of the German Design Council and is one of the world's most recognized designer competitions. The German Design Council is a competence center for communication and knowledge transfer in the field of design. It was founded in 1953 on the initiative of the German Bundestag. In 2017, the jury had to fight with members from science, business and design through 4000 designer products and projects from 50 countries.

Cultural value

"The annual winners not only exemplify the economic and cultural value of outstanding design, but also provide orientation and represent current themes and design directions," said Andrej Kupetz, chief executive of the Design Council, at the awards ceremony. Incidentally, Andreas Seufert did not even submit his book for the German Design Award. He had already won a prize in the Berlin Type Award in 2015 and was nominated for the German Design Award. The participants in this competition cannot apply themselves. To thank for this success, as Andreas Seufert says, the excellent cooperation of his agency Digitabula and with the printer. Not only the client, but also the Fondation Le Corbusier in Paris was very satisfied with the book.

Layout and image editing

Back to Andreas Seufert. Together with the printing house Peschke in Munich, he has selected flawless, white paper that does not disturb the colour contrasts in the book. The entire layout and image editing of the book are by Andreas Seufert. The lyrics are by professional authors. They appear in the book in three languages, German, English and French, and include Le Corbusier, his buildings and the description of every single component of his colour palette.



Here you can order the book exclusively:

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