Le Corbusier colour design at KARE in Munich


The stairway of the international flagship store of KARE Design in the former cogeneration plant in Munich was harmoniously designed by the team of Les Couleurs Suisse over 5.5 floors with a total of 21 colours of the Architectural Polychromy - in different moods, such as:


"Sky and Sun" 

  • The atmosphere of sky is created by the colours 32032 céruleéen moyen and 32033 céruleéen clair.
  • The first atmosphere in Le Corbusier's colour keyboards further includes 32090 rouge vermillon 31, 32091 rose pâle and 32010 gris foncé.
  • The „Sun“: The characteristic 4320W le jaune vif from the second collection embodies the yellow colour of the sun.



  • The mood velvet is created by the shades 32013 gris clair 31 and 32001 blanc.
  • 32130 terre d'ombre brûlée 31 and 32101 rouge rubia are used as combination colours.


The colour repertoire of Le Corbusier includes soft tones and bright, deep nuances - with a historical, artistic and associative background. All of them are characterized by an inner coherence that virtually makes disharmonic compositions impossible. With 63 colours in nine colour groups, Le Corbusier's colour system provides a compact and practical tool for skilful colour design. To recognize their own affinities and to select individual preferences help unique colour moods created by Le Corbuiser that reflect specific actions of colors and at the same time fundamental manifestations of sensibilities.

The original Le Corbusier colours are available via KEIM and now also at KARE Design in Munich.



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