LEICHT kitchens at the imm cologne 2017

The aesthetic architectural kitchens with the exclusive architectural colours.


In the preface of the new LEICHT brochure ‘LEICHT & Le Corbusier‘, Stefan Waldenmaier, CEO of LEICHT kitchens, states: 
„ […] Le Corbusier described colour as ‘eminently architectural‘; for the architect, colour was just as powerful as the ground plan and section. In this context, LEICHT will not just be more differentiated in terms of the design possibilities of a kitchen with its use of colour in the future, but also more architecture-oriented.
A LEICHT kitchen is all about modernity, timelessness and a holisitc perception of design and architecture.

No surprise then that we decided to literally show our true colours with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier and to stand by our design principles of the classically modern. LEICHT is the first kitchen manufacturer to have been given the exclusive privilege to choose 15 expressive and powerful nuances from Le Corbusier’s colour system: the colours correspond to the natural colour spectrum and can be combined harmoniously. The extended range of colours is a unique design aid in kitchen planning enabling experts to plan a kitchen which is completely in harmony with the personality and the individual environment of the user.“


LEICHT impressively presents this unique design tool on a 400 m2 booth at the imm cologne. The offer covers matt and high-gloss lacquer ranges as well as surrounding materials through to handels and grip rails which emphasize horizontal or vertical lines – everything in line with holistic and harmonious kitchen planning down to the very last detail.

„With their overall harmony, the exceptional architectural colours are easy to select and to combine – according to colour effect and individual sensibility”, confirms Stefan Waldenmeier and continues: 
„In a first step, we have selected 3 colour shades (from dark to light) out of each of 5 colour series. These 15 colours of the architectural polychromy represent a further opportunity to individualize LEICHT kitchens: With the grey and umber nuances, kitchens and kitchen parts can be placed into shadow or designed very discreetly and elegantly; with cerulean blue, they can attract attention or appear as reflected sky.
The shades of english green remind of noble aristocracy or link retentively to the landscape. With the luminescent red ochre, furniture parts can be emphasized impressively; with the lighter red ochre tones, they appear loamy and very soft.”


LEICHT is not only closing a gap in the world of colours for the area of kitchens but also provides -in combination with other Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier partner products- the means to harmoniously connect living and kitchen spaces on the basis of the convincing Architectural Polychromy.

The visitors of LEICHT’s booth in Cologne were very enthusiastic: modern design, highest functionality, quality and individuality, and all this in connection with so far unknown and thrilling colour effects and colour harmonies – with love of detail.


The 15 colours out of the puristic Le Corbusier collection from 1931 cover

  • the grey series, with 
        32010 gris foncé 31 (the iron grey), 
        32011 gris 31 (the medium grey) and 
        32012 gris moyen (the discreet grey),
  • the cerulean blue series, with 
        32030 bleu céruléen 31 (the powerful cerulean), 
        32032 céruléen moyen (the summery sky) and 
        32034 céruléen pâle (the sky reflected in ocean waves),
  • the series of english green with 
        32040 vert anglais (the english green), 
        32041 vert anglais clair (the slightly greyed english green) and 
        32042 vert anglais pâle (the mild grey green),
  • the red ochre series with 
        32110 l’ocre rouge (the red of ancient architecture), 
        32121 terre sienne brique (the light brick red) and 
        32122 terre sienne claire 31 (the colour of the summery masonry) as well as
  • the umber series with 
        32140 ombre naturelle 31 (the dark natural umber), 
        32141 ombre naturelle moyenne (the grey brown natural umber) and 
        32142 ombre naturelle claire (the discreet natural umber).


The LEICHT kitchen collection in the original Le Corbusier colours can be found at: www.leicht.de/en/lescouleurslecorbusier


Photos ©Les Couleurs Suisse



I have aLeicht Oxide Titanium kitchen and am looking for upper cupboards in Oxide silver. Can you let me know if you or any of your suppliers can get hold of these upper cupboard doors for me?

Many thanks

Julia Griffiths

+44 7774 694140

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