Poke by the pool - West Coast feeling in Berlin-Mitte

With the Berlin restaurant L.A. Poke, the exceptional architect Ester Bruzkus landed another coup. Using Le Corbusier's architectural colours, she created an extraordinary interior design that lets you enjoy a break at the California pool all year round - including culinary delights à la Poke Bowl.


Once a retail store in the district of Berlin-Mitte, today the scene of a Hawaiian-Californian trend, the Poke Bowl (rice bowl, i.a. with raw fish and vegetables). Originally from Hawaii, this delicious health food came to Berlin via California. It was followed by the unmistakable Californian flair.



With their harmonious interior design, Ester Bruzkus Architekten once again proved their sensitivity in space arrangement. On 140 square meters, the concept impresses with its individual colour contrasts and furniture and recalls the lightness of California and a day at the pool. "We were inspired by the relaxed atmosphere of the American West Coast," says the Berlin architect. The interior design uses contrasts of massive, light, curved and straightforward elements, which at the same time convey a playful and relaxed atmosphere. The entrance area with the bar counter and the adjoining rooms with seats are divided by classical arch elements in different heights, widths and depths. As you enter the restaurant, you have an insight into the back niche, which makes the restaurant look both deep and light at the same time.



The colour design is reminiscent of David Hockney's painting "A bigger splash": with fresh pastel shades and colour contrasts, the team demonstrates its expertise in dealing with colours and materials. The most significant accent is the horizon line, which divides all front areas at eye level. The pictorial colour design is realised using Le Corbusier's architectural colours: below the line, all of the design elements are inspired by the theme of the pool, with a smooth texture, tubular steel furniture, reflective horizontal stainless-steel surfaces and a bright ultramarine hue. The colour 32023 outremer pâle used here creates a soft room atmosphere. The wall surfaces above the line and the ceilings are painted in the loamy soft Le Corbusier tone 32122 terre sienne claire 31, which in Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy stands for the colour of the restrained, summery-shining wall. The two shades are connected by round outdoor glass lights that sit exactly on the horizon line. The way to the lavatories in the back of the restaurant leads through a corridor completely painted in Yves Klein blue, a strong accent that gives the room further depth. The jump into the wet, here one dives completely into the pool. The glossy effect of the hall floor is reminiscent of common pool floor coating and skillfully placed ceiling lights complement the characterisation of the swimming pool. The cushion of the long seat takes up the strong Yves Klein blue of the aisle and, with its upholstery, resembles an air mattress. Tubular steel furniture, chairs, filigree wire armchairs and round tables with cut-off edges that allow them to be pushed together complete the pool concept. In the largest room, Ester Bruzkus sets colour accents with a bar table. The red frame and the black-and-white terrazzo floor act as a deliberately set disturbing factor, bringing excitement to the entire interior design.

"I enjoy working with unexpected moments of surprise. This brings excitement to the interior."  

- Ester Bruzkus, Architect -

The decorative elements are reduced to a minimum. A few large palm trees, cacti, terracotta and neon lettering are the architectural arch's last move to create the California pool atmosphere. And, indeed, while you eat your Poke Bowl, you have the feeling of being on vacation. Like a refreshing dip in the pool!



Ester Bruzkus uses the Le Corbusier colours often in her exciting projects and already has them at home – after the renovation of her penthouse apartment, a metamorphosis to a fantastic design loft over the rooftops of Berlin took place. We will report on "Esters Apartment 2.0" in early 2019. Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier mineral paints by KEIMFARBEN are sold under the label poLyChro®. Here you will find the dealer directory of KEIM.



Photography Copyright
L.A.Poke ©Jens Bösenberg

Gruoundplan L.A.Poke ©Ester Bruzkus Architekten

“A bigger splash” ©David Hockney 



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