Subtle harmonies

The basic equipment, which was predominantly white, contradicted the natural feeling of the owner of an attic apartment near Vienna. Her wish of a discreet harmonic colour scheme was turned professional and very easily into reality by using the Architectural Polychromy and products of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier manufacturers.

Subtle decoration with grey


The pearl grey32013 gris clair 31on most the walls and ceilings as well as on light switches and sockets is an alternative to white. The combination of 32013 gris clair 31 with 32012 gris moyen (the discreet grey) and 32010 gris foncé 31 (the iron grey) creates a plastic depth through skilfully graded contrasts.

Contrary to white, the grey tones appear lighter. The ceilings in 32013 gris clair 31 are less noticed; the rooms look higher and more airy.

The darker the shade of grey of surfaces and objects, the more they retreat, shift into shadows and are placed into the background. The balancing qualities of the shadow create a soothing atmosphere of tranquility. Le Corbusier characterizes the two grey shades 32013 gris clair 31 and 32012 gris moyen with the mural meaning “velvet“. Le Corbusier defines four architectural grey shades as part of his first, puristic colour collection of 1931:

"[…] where the mind game predominates, where the intellectual debate for or against intervenes at each occasion, there where the idea stands in its immense complexity, where wisdom has led to the admission of a relativity of all factors present, the colour quits its din, goes out, even disappears totally; grey, the indifference, installs: calm, search for calm, need of calm." 

Creating soothing emphasis – Scene 1

32023 outremer pâle – The light ultramarine. An atmosphere that recedes gently. The ultramarine shades give way to the attention. They loosen up the room and recede walls and objects in the distance. The atmospheres are soft and calming and create sensations of water-landscape, sea and sky. Le Cobusier gives the mural meaning 'space' to the three bright nuances 32022 outremer clair, 32023 outremer pâle and 32024 outremer gris. In his puristic colour collection of 1931, Le Corbusier defined five impressive ultramarine tones:

Creating soothing emphasis – Scene 2

32131 ombre brûlée claire – The burnt umber. An ideal background colour. Just like when using grey tones, areas and objects also withdraw into the shadow with umber nuances. As one of the three nuances with the mural meaning 'sand', 32131 ombre brûlée claire arouses mediterranean associations with sand, beach and sun. It stabilizes itself in space and unfolds its effect in the background. The ability to express the adjacent white surface more advantageously is the colour’s special gift.

4320B blanc ivoire – The ivory white. Elegant, charming, chalky. The calm background colour. This quiet and light-reflecting hue is the alternative to the wide range of widely available white colours which diffuse light and appear dazzling or obtrusive.

"The six chosen colours give the apartment a very special, soothing atmosphere and create an aesthetic quality of life that fascinates me, just like every guest."

The colour scheme of the apartment was realized with the products of the renowned Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier product partners LEICHT Küchen (kitchens), KEIM (wall paints) and JUNG (light switches and sockets). With the spiral-bound colour fan by Les Couleurs Suisse AG, unique colour concepts can be designed in a simple and practical way.


© Photos: Les Couleurs Suisse AG


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