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Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Part III (Green sets the scene)

Colour philosophy and the green. We explore how green is incorporated into Scenery and Sand I atmospheres. Le Corbusier carefully selected 9 shades of green for his green group. Read our latest article for the whole story.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Part II (Take a walk on the green side) …

Colour Philosophy and the lightness and darkness of colours. Green in branding, and global positive and negative connotations of green. Le Cobusier’s clever use of green at Villa Savoye. Read our latest article for the whole story.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Part I (A Green Tale) …

Farbphilosophie beschreibt eine Wissenschaft – eine Sammlung von ungeschriebenen Regeln und Richtlinien, von denen Architekten und Designer in ihrer Praxis täglich Gebrauch machen. Das Geheimnis der Farbe benötigt Erklärung. Le Corbusier war ein Meister der Farbe und visionärer Liebhaber der Natur. Lesen Sie unseren neusten Artikel, um die ganze Geschichte zu erfahren

How to use Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards for perfect colour concepts, every time

The perfect colour palette means combining subjectivity with a logical system. This is exactly what Le Corbusier‘s #polychromiearchitecturale allows, primarily through the use of colour keyboards. Read our latest article for more

Living with colour

Living with colour by Le Corbusier – a prospective interior designer explains exclusively to Les Couleurs Le Corbusier the colour concept of his appartment and how designing with exclusive wall colours was for him.

The world is full of colours

The world is full of colours – painters are the experts in here One critical question to start with: Why would anyone want to become a painter? Why should young men or women even consider better education in this occupational field? To learn more about the profession of painter, we contacted Marco Bommer, Managing Director of Junge-Maler-Graf in Hamburg. We wanted to find first-hand information on how it came about that Junge-Maler-Graf included Le Corbusier paints in their range.

The timeless Le Corbusier colours for contemporary architecture

"Just a few years ago, I read “Architectural Polychromy” and I literally fell in love with this theme. What I found more interesting about colours and Le Corbusier is his approach." Lucia Fiorucci is an architect from Italy and writes a personal article about her approach to Architectural Polychromy and the colours of Le Corbusier.

The Le Corbusier houses of the Weissenhof Estate

Stuttgart – Schlossplatz, the work of Otto Dix, the Porsche or Mercedes-Benz Museum, the television tower and houses 13 - 15 of the Weissenhof Estate by Le Corbusier and Pierre Jeanneret. The single-family house No. 13 is based on the concept of "Citrohan Häuser" that Le Corbusier presented in his 1920-1922 studies.

The colour moods of the Architectural Polychromy

The colour moods of the Architectural Polychromy by Le Corbusier are natural and harmonious. With the Architectural Polychromy by Le Corbusier, design and architecture have a tool for colour design that helps to change or support spatial effects through colours.

“These colours fill our life with peace and harmony”

A poetic homage to Le Corbusier and the Architectural Polychromy from Maharashtra, India. The story of a lawyer who, while leading some research on Le Corbusier, discovered the polychromy and the 63 Le Corbusier colours all by himself.