Tekla’s Balance On Colour & Textiles

Inspired by Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier

Tekla explores the colours of Le Corbusier with a limited-edition collection of blankets, crafted from soft mohair in four brilliant colourways and finished with a natural, fringed edge.

“Le Corbusier’s legacy has always been an inspiration for Tekla – he’s one of the most influential architects, synonymous with modern architecture. In our research for this project, we also realised his incredible contribution to colour.” Charlie Hedin, Founder and Creative Director at Tekla

Behind the inspiration

The collection of four mohair blankets takes inspiration from the architect’s Architectural Polychromy, comprising 63 colour shades created across two palettes in 1931 and 1959. Le Corbusier used these colours as accents on building facades and interiors to create dynamic and emotional effects. Colours affect our emotions and have a substantial impact on our mood. Much like Le Corbusier, colour and its ability to change a space’s impression is at the heart of Tekla. These colours are a natural foundation for this limited collection of blankets.

Le Corbusier’s colour theory demonstrates “a perfect analysis of both the spatial effects of colours as well as their neurophysiological impact on our sensibilities,” as stated by Les Couleurs Suisse AG, in Architectural Colour Design.

Home Textile Colours

“We were attracted to the colours in Le Corbusier’s creations, how they were so central to the design and how he used them in his own life. As you move through his studio and home, colour almost acts as a guide, helping you to understand the space’s use. Many of his spaces have a tempo and a movement that feel quite joyful. Tekla took this approach to colour in the blanket design.”

This introductory collection of four mohair blankets comprises designs in 32024 Outremer Gris, 4320K Bleu Outremer 59 and 4320C Rose Vif colours, all chosen for their contemporary feel.

To achieve the striking shades in the collection, Tekla’s design team selected “urmuster”, or original colours, from Le Corbusier’s palettes and worked closely with Les Couleurs Suisse AG’s colour experts to translate them to textiles for the first time.

Each colour is produced according to Le Corbusier’s exacting standards, undergoing multiple rounds of testing before being verified as a colour match and receiving the corresponding colour reference from his original palette.

To celebrate the launch, the mohair blankets are presented at the Studio-Apartment of Le Corbusier in Paris, capturing his home as it was intended – as a space for living and creating. The limited collection is seen amongst his playful yet functional interiors, in rooms that feel as relevant today, captured by Ola Rindal.

The limited-edition blanket collection

The blankets are hand-woven by artisans in Spain before being extra-brushed to achieve their softness and voluminosity. Each blanket is signed with a unique number as part of a limited edition. This limited collection marks the start of a long-term partnership between Tekla and Les Couleurs Suisse AG.

About Tekla:

Established in Copenhagen in 2017, Tekla was born from a desire to bring modernity and freedom of expression to the home textiles category. Taking inspiration from art and architecture, most notably John Pawson, Donald Judd and Agnes Martin, it creates elevated yet functional home textiles that centre a timeless, straightforward design expression.

Since launching, Tekla has embodied an honest commitment to uncompromising quality, which it continues to build on through close collaboration with its production partners. As a brand, it recognises its responsibility to mitigate its impact; it rejects rapid trend cycles by designing for longevity and producing responsibly.

With a foundation in bedding, the full collection now comprises pieces for the entire home, including towels, sleepwear and kitchen linens – all made to be lived in and made to last.

Tekla is available globally online, shipping to more than 60 countries to date, and through a handful of carefully selected retail partners in Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific

About Les Couleurs Suisse AG:

As the exclusive licensor of Le Corbusier's original Polychromie Architecturale colours, Les Couleurs Suisse aims to preserve the architectural history and colour design of the 63 original Le Corbusier colours and to make them authentically accessible through a network of selected renowned partners (manufacturers). Les Couleurs Suisse stands for a consistent and authentic experience with the exclusive brand Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier. This appearance is a recognized seal of quality, which is associated with premium design products.

For more information, please contact:

Les Couleurs Suisse AG
Churerstrasse 158
8808 Pfäffikon


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