Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier furnishings in Swiss excellence

Since 1873. Swiss excellence – Swiss quality as a passion for perfection.
Dietiker is a Swiss leader and third oldest manufacturer in Europe in contract seating, with innovative design solutions for a wide variety of applications. With a spirit of design, Dietiker takes a step into the future creating tomorrow’s traditions with passion. The innovative design solutions can be found in a variety of applications: from convention centers to educational institutions, to hospitals and retirement homes. Dietiker stands for excellence by creating products manufactured in the highest standards of Swiss quality.

With a specially developed coatings, Dietiker refines the design solutions in nine subtle Le Corbusier colours:

  • 32012 gris moyen
  • 4320H gris 59
  • 32120 terre sienne brûlée 31
  • 32123 terre sienne pâle
  • 32130 terre d'ombre brûlée 31
  • 32131 ombre brûlée claire
  • 32141 ombre naturelle moyenne
  • 32142 ombre naturelle claire
  • 4320R ombre naturelle 59

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