Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier chair in Swiss design

Preserve traditions. Develop visions – Manufakt, a brand of the Swiss company Anteprima Concept.

Tristan, the bistro and restaurant chair by manufakt was designed by Swiss designer This Weber. Two chair ideas are connected here – massive substructure meets multiplex shell. Tristan is made of beech or oak, with the frame made of solid wood and the seat and the back shell made of multi-ply wood, it is also available ordered lacquered.

The Tristan chair is available in six expressive Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours:


  • 32020 bleu outremer 31
  • 32040 vert anglais
  • 32100 rouge carmin
  • 32141 ombre naturelle moyenne
  • 4320F vert olive vif
  • 4320U gris foncé 59

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