Facades and colors


A book about photography, contemporary art and printing.


100 flat colour blocks and 100 photos of facades - all made in Switzerland - with the focus on the colour. A book about photography, contemporary art and printing. Facade and colours is an invitation to see the city - to see the colour of the city. Uncover the colour in front of the architecture. The city, gray at first, is slowly starting to reveal its array of unexpected wealth, if you are patient enough. For those who take the time to really notice, it becomes a highly complicated colour chart.
This is also the nature of the colour itself: it is not tangible as the thought. "Give me a colour!" From a physical point of view, this may seem difficult. It is not a tangible object that can be physically passed around. But the color is part of every object, every artifact, every plant, every stone - everything that surrounds us; Everything in the universe has a colour - just waiting for light to come along so it can be revealed. Colour is for objects, which is taste for food. And light would be his salt! Depending on the light, a city changes mood, ambience and colour. The same façade might look dark or bright; sad or cheerful ... The texture also plays a role, because the light adheres to a facade or is reflected by it, depending on the type of surface. Light, texture and the third factor - framing. 
This book is available parallel in English, French & German (+ off-print in Japanese) .

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• 16 x 22,5 cm


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