Une Petite Maison de Nuit ou une mise en lumière de la Villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier


Colorful light production in the villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier


"A Little Night House" is a light production of the Villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier by the artist Daniel Schlaepfer on the occasion of the 16th Museum Night of the Riviera Vaudoise (Switzerland) on 30 May 2015, the International Year of Light and the fiftieth anniversary of Le Corbusier's death. The Corbusier colours, such as Sienna, Coelin- and Ultramarine Blue are supported by various coloured lights and their dynamic brightness and saturation, picked up elsewhere in the house, or complementively complement each other. During the night, the volume and rigorous design of the "living machine", as Le Corbusier called it, intensify.
Daniel Schaepfer is a self-taught light artist, lives and works in Lausanne. He is active worldwide and works regularly with other artists and with scientists.

On 76 pages with detailed preface and interpretive thoughts by Patrick Moser, curator of the villa "Le Lac" Le Corbusier. The book measures 12 x 16.5 cm; parallel in English, German and French.



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• 12 x 16,5 cm

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