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Le Corbusier is a guarantee for attention. With the registered trademark Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, you can increase awareness when promoting a new product line or reviving a brand. Additionally, you gain access to 65,000 accredited architects and designers worldwide actively supporting brand awareness.


Access to over 65'000 architects & designers

⇒Active, lively architects & designers

⇒Regular interactions

⇒Permanent outreach

Visability in Museums, Fairs and online Design platforms

⇒Visibility in renowned museums

⇒Exclusive visibility at trade fairs

⇒Support from opinion leaders

Become member and promoted by optionen leaders

⇒Active community

⇒Global marketing

⇒Ambassords from all regions of the world

Client engagement - relevant and relatable Storytelling

⇒Supported by world wide opinion leaders

⇒Compelling story telling

⇒International blog posts, news features and articles

Active Community generating over 2.3m impressions

⇒High visability on exhibitions

⇒Exclusive interactions

⇒Joint participation on fairs

Being part of an international network of award-winning brands with handpicked partners generates outstanding leverage. The Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier network allows significant synergies for both top line and effectivity matters. It creates a joint go-to-market impulse as well as cross-product inspiration based on the unique colours that allow a combination all the way through.

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier believes that people need more stimulating colour in their lives and our partners and we set out to achieve this by producing premium products based on the Architectural Polychromy, for outstanding architecture and remarkable colour design. Supported by over 65'000 architects and designers worldwide, thought leaders and an active community we reach out to colourful complete the homes of consumers.

Appeal to customer’s desires by telling a story: wanting to captivate an audience, one must first captivate attention. This starts with crafting a story that will resonate with the audience one is targeting. In order to truly resonate, this messaging must be focused on what they truly want, not just what you are selling. New paths, both online and offline, are disrupting traditional ways of reaching the consumer. The digital revolution and retail transformation, it is being recognised as a way of engaging and bonding with consumers, inviting them to participate with a brand instead of pushing a brand at them.

The story of the iconic person that Le Corbusier was, the inspiration behind the colours, the colour panels and how they compliment each other, is a story that will inspire and captivate your customers and will truly connect them with your products.

Dezeen, Rado and Les Couleurs Suisse at the 2020 panel discussion. How has the Architectural Polychromy colour theory of the legendary architect Le Corbusier influenced Rado's watch collection?

Matthias Breschan, CEO of Swiss watchmaker Rado, Hakim El Kadiri, Vice President of Product Development at Rado, and Matthias Naumann, CEO of Les Couleurs Suisse, speak in a live panel discussion with Dezeen's founder and editor-in-chief Marcus Fairs.

«Giving rooms the desired atmosphere by using the appropriate combination of colours is a true art. The high quality products of the Les Couleurs network partners guarantee absolute colour matching.»

Working Tools

Working with Le Corbusier's legendary architectural colours – high-quality tools for professional and inspiring colour design with the original Le Corbusier colours.

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Colour consulting

Creating outstanding living and working spaces - we advise you on the professional use of Le Corbusier's colours and the design products of Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier manufacturers.

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Le Corbusier and his masterful colour theory - we talk about the history of the 63 architectural colours, the colour keyboards and moods as well as practical architectural colour design.

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