Dauphin HumanDesign® Group

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier system furniture for office and home

The Dauphin HumanDesign® Group is one of the leading providers of complete solutions for the office sector in Europe. It includes u.a. the brands Bosse for office furniture and interior design systems and DAUPHIN HOME® for modern living solutions.

Bosse produces designer furniture. High-tech meets hand-made Made in Germany. The high quality of the elements shows the attention to detail that characterizes Bosse.

The modular system Bosse modul space impresses with its almost unlimited modularity.

The high-quality pipes, knots and panels form the basis of a system with which a wide variety of furniture and furnishing solutions can be realized. To simplify planning, doors, drawers and flaps are available in predefined grid dimensions.

DAUPHIN HOME® offers modern living solutions that are unobtrusive and flexible to any living and room situation. The style-forming element of the home furniture collection is the combination of chrome, wood and lacquer as well as the subtle coordination of form, colour and material.

Le Corbusier colours as system furniture for office and home With Bosse module space and Dauphin Home, the Dauphin Group is launching the Le Corbusier colours for design with system furniture - for office, home, dining, sleeping, dressing room and entrance - in twelve selected Le Corbusier colours: 32010 gris foncé 31 32011 gris 31, 32013 gris clair 31 32021outremer moyen 32053 vert jaune clair 32090 rouge vermillon 31 32142 ombre naturelle claire 4320A rouge vermillon 59 4320B blanc ivoire 4320K bleu outremer 59 4320T bleu outremer foncé 4320W le jaune vif.

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier Design Tools

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