The Le Corbusier Colours

Timeless, always up to date and with an incomparable aesthetic – Le Corbusier's 63 architectural colours. Le Corbusier's architectural colour theory offers a compact and consistently harmonious colour palette, in which each of the 63 shades embodies specific spatial and human effects. A reliable tool for convincing colour design.


The colour system

Architectural Polychromy

The coherent architectural colour system of Le Corbusier. A standardized colour palette of two collections with defined colour functions and inherent colour theory - for professional colour design where no mistakes can be made.

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The colour keyboards

From 1931 and 1959

For a simplified colour selection, Le Corbusier arranged the 63 architectural colours of his Architectural Polychromy in different moods. These colour keyboards enable perfect and surprising colour harmonies at the same time.

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The shades

63 architectural colours 

Le Corbusier has harmonised the 63 colours of the Architectural Polychromy perfectly, making them harmoniously combinable throughout. All shades have a spatial function and psychological effect.

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Work equipment

Individual colour design 

Unique colour harmonies - design tools with the 63 shades of the Architectural Polychromy for convincing colour concepts where no mistakes can be made.

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Le Corbusier

A unique personality 

Le Corbusier is considered the most important architect of modern times. He coined the ideas we have of modern architecture, indeed modernity in general. Le Corbusier, based on his incomparable experience and his continuous practice of architectural use of colour, developed the eternal chromatic theory of colour - the Architectural Polychromy.

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" Polychromy is the most alive thing there is and also the most current. "

Create inspiring and original living spaces

Create inspiring and original living spaces Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier - exploring new dimensions and skilful colour harmonies with the Architectural Polychromy. Our certified manufacturers offer you a wide range of high-quality products in the original Le Corbusier colours.


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