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Create inimitable PREMIUM Product Lines to augment attention, margins and sales

Le Corbusier’s unique colour palette THE ARCHITECTURALE POLYCHROMIE

Increase global awareness with a brand of distinction

Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier a partnership

for business growth

Increase awareness


The name Le Corbusier as well as the registered Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier trademark with the original signature, are very well known worldwide and attract immediate attention generating highest awareness in premium market segments.

Realize additional margin


Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier true Premium Product both on market perception and price allowing for higher margins and additional sales.

Cross sell


Beneficial cross selling effect on the standard assortment increasing turnover and volume.

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Whether you offer high quality products for the architectural area or premium interior design or outstanding design items in furniture, lifestyle or decoration partnering with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier will differentiate and enforce your brand significantly

Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier a premium partnership

Le Corbusier's fascinating Polychromie Architecturale


A masterpiece of 63 vibrant tones, a globally unique architectonic colour system, that allows peerless colour harmonies emotional, perfectly matching and timeless.

Strong Support & professional marketing


Get direct access to over 65’000 Architects, Designers and Interior Designers that are Le Corbusier's enthusiasts. Leverage the impressive worldwide LCS Social Media coverage to a distinct design and colour affine public

Be part of a Premium and selectiv Partner Network


The Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier network allows significant synergies for both top line and effectivity matters. It creates a joint go to market impulse as well as cross product inspiration based on the unique colours that allow a harmonized combination all way through

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