The colour keyboards of 1931

The colour keyboards shown above represent a digital interpretation of Le Corbusier's original colour keyboards. Choose from 13 spatial moods in the left column. Use the arrows above the swatches to assemble your perfect colour harmony.

For the colour palette of 1931, consisting of 43 shades, Le Corbusier developed 13 individual colour keyboards, each of which produces a certain atmospheric effect - with the exception of the last three colour keyboards (Checkered I, II and III), which Le Corbusier put together without any specific atmospheric effect and which are rather random chords. The atmospheric moods of each colour keyboard are defined by horizontal cross bands, which provide the descriptive name and character of the different keyboards with their murals.

With the colours in the middle, the colour designer works with accent colours. The shades are arranged in such a way that with the help of 'glasses' a single hue or a combination of two or three colours can be isolated against two background hues. The colour keyboards offer many suggestions and touch each of us with different harmonies.

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