The 63 Architectural Colours

Colour is by far not equal to colour - the Le Corbusier colour palette impresses with its extraordinary brilliance and depth. Each of the 63 architectural colours in Le Corbusier's colour system has a historical, artistic and associative background. The colours create atmospheres that go far beyond the requirement for functionalities. Find your colour here!

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32001 blanc White The cream white. Balanced, with stable aesthetics. The first mural ‘Velvet’ shade.
32010 gris foncé 31 Grey & Black The iron grey. Soft, warm, expressive. The darkest shade of 1931.
32011 gris 31 Grey & Black The medium grey. Elegant and restrained. It can place the walls into shadow.
32012 gris moyen Grey & Black The discreet grey. Natural, neutral, discreetly calm. The second ‘Velvet’ shade.
32013 gris clair 31 Grey & Black The pearl grey. Weakly luminescent and airy. The third mural ‘Velvet’ shade.
32020 bleu outremer 31 Blue The luminous ultramarin. Dynamic, imposing and much in demand.
32021 outremer moyen Blue The lucent sky blue. Like the sky on a clear, sunny day in summer.
32022 outremer clair Blue The brightened ultramarine. A space atmosphere that loosens up. The first ‘Space’ shade.
32023 outremer pâle Blue The light ultramarine. An atmosphere that recedes gently. The second ‘Space’ shade.
32024 outremer gris Blue The blue grey. The imagination. A restrained atmosphere. The third ‘Space’ shade.
32030 bleu céruléen 31 Blue The powerful cerulean. Appears dynamic and attracts the attention.
32031 céruléen vif Blue The luminous cerulean. Warm, sensual, Mediterranean. The colour tends towards the observer.
32032 céruléen moyen Blue The summery sky. Static, does not come forward anymore. The first mural ‘Sky’ shade.
32033 céruléen clair Blue The sky reflected in the water. Subordinates itself. The second mural ‘Sky’ shade.
32034 céruléen pâle Blue The sky reflected in ocean waves. Somewhat greenish. The third mural ‘Sky’ colour shade.
32040 vert anglais Green The english green. Reminds of aristocracy, also of freshness of the forest.
32041 vert anglais clair Green The slightly greyed english green. Like a discreet Verona green.
32042 vert anglais pâle Green The mild grey green. The colour shade links retentively to the landscape.
32050 vert foncé Green The rich brilliant green. A deep and very neutral green; expressing the summer.
32051 vert 31 Green The vernal green. Very expressive. The first tone of the ‘Scenery’ atmosphere.
32052 vert clair Green The green of spring. Natural and fruitful. The second shade representing ‘Scenery’.
32053 vert jaune clair Green The pale green. Gentle, smooth and balanced. The third tone with the mural value of ‘Scenery’.
32060 ocre Ochre & Yellow The natural sand. Restrained and very elegant. The first tone with mural value of ‘Sand’.
32080 orange Orange The shiny orange. A dynamic, youthful and optimistic colour.
32081 orange clair Orange The orange apricot. A dynamic, touching and consistently attractive ton.
32082 orange pâle Orange The sandy orange. Earthy, gentle and constructive. The second mural ‘Sand’ colour.
32090 rouge vermillon 31 Red The deep dynamic red. Or the luminescent vermilion red.
32091 rose pâle Red The gentle pink. Earthy, warm and restrained. The first shade with ‘Masonry’ significance.
32100 rouge carmin Red The noble carmine red. Steeped in history, dignified and brilliant.
32101 rouge rubia Red The artistic red. The tradition-rich red of famous painters.
32102 rose clair Red The bright pink. Or the medium dynamic rose.
32110 l'ocre rouge Red ochre & Brown The red of ancient architecture. An earthy and deeply luminescent nuance.
32111 l'ocre rouge moyen Red ochre & Brown The medium Terracotta. An earthy and warm tone, which emphasises comfort.
32112 l'ocre rouge clair Red ochre & Brown The bright red ochre. Earthy and stable. The second shade with ‘Masonry’ significance.
32120 terre sienne brûlée 31 Red ochre & Brown The deeply burnt sienna. It fixes the wall impressively.
32121 terre sienne brique Red ochre & Brown The light brick red. Suited for timeless colour combinations.
32122 terre sienne claire 31 Red ochre & Brown The colour of the summery masonry. Loamy and soft. The third ‘Masonry’ shade.
32123 terre sienne pâle Red ochre & Brown The pale sienna. A sandy, discreet and stable colour shade.
32130 terre d'ombre brûlée 31 Umber The marron. Deeply red brown, burnt. Like a chestnut.
32131 ombre brûlée claire Umber The burnt umber. An ideal background colour. The third shade with mural value of ‘Sand’.
32140 ombre naturelle 31 Umber The dark natural umber. An elegant brown grey colour.
32141 ombre naturelle moyenne Umber The grey brown natural umber. A balanced, aesthetic and appealing colour.
32142 ombre naturelle claire Umber The discrete natural umber. As shadow colour, ideal for combinations.
4320A rouge vermillon 59 Red The cinnabar red. A fiery shade which catches the eye and reduces the space.
4320B blanc ivoire White The ivory white. Elegant, charming, chalky. The calm background colour.
4320C rose vif Red The luminous pink. Less earthy and mostly used as complement to other luscious colours.
4320D terre sienne brûlée 59 Red ochre & Brown The deep brown sienna. A burnt, rich, dynamic and stable colour tone.
4320E noir d'ivoire Grey & Black The ivory black. Black as the night. Le Corbusier’s only, impressive black tone.
4320F vert olive vif Green The olive green. Green yellow or yellow green? A unique classic.
4320G vert 59 Green The emerald green. A dynamic shade with luminous power.
4320H gris 59 Grey & Black The dynamic medium grey. It reacts stable and dynamic in any light.
4320J terre d'ombre brûlée 59 Umber The dark burnt umber. Resembles mahogany. It can camouflage and hide.
4320K bleu outremer 59 Blue The spectacular ultramarine. An impressive colour shade which moves worlds.
4320L ocre jaune clair Ochre & Yellow The golden ochre. A deep, powerful and very present colour tone.
4320M le rubis Red The ruby. It is darksome and shining, velvety, festive and luxurious.
4320N bleu céruléen 59 Blue Represents sky and sea. The colour shade is virtually infinitely combinable.
4320O gris clair 59 Grey & Black The grey in the morning. Somewhat cool. The shade is receding in contrast to white.
4320P terre sienne claire 59 Ochre & Yellow The natural sienna ochre. Earthy, warm and softer than yellow.
4320R ombre naturelle 59 Umber The deeply dark natural umber. Camouflaging, emphasising other colours.
4320S orange vif Orange The powerful orange. Saturated and energetic. It steps forward and unfolds bold effects.
4320T bleu outremer foncé Blue The profound ultramarine blue. A fascinating shade which reflects infinity.
4320U gris foncé 59 Grey & Black The dark grey. Strong, rich and close to a metallic effect.
4320W le jaune vif Ochre & Yellow The yellow colour of the sun. It shines impressively in good light.

« Colour is an incredibly effective triggering tool. Colour is a factor of our existence. »

Design with the Le Corbusier colours

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