Le Corbusier Interior Design

The Le Corbusier colours are available for creating walls, floors and technical features thanks to numerous impressive products. From wall coverings, ceramic tiles to carpets, parquet and vinyl floors, to building technology (with light switches, sockets and accompanying systems) and design radiators – experience a unique harmonious interior design.

Le Corbusier door and window handles

By adding Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier to its portfolio, the Brakel-based manufacturer of door and window handles is introducing a wealth of new design options. Carefully considered, the interaction of material, form and colour gives rise to a quality of design that delights both hand and eye alike.

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Le Corbusier light switches

Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy opens up a broad field of original colour design and accentuation with JUNG light switches and sockets.

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Le Corbusier carpet flooring

For an outstanding floor design – the renowned carpet manufacturer ANKER Professional Carpet introduces the Le Corbusier colours in carpets of various qualities. 

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Le Corbusier ceramic tiles

Worldwide a very special aesthetic – the unique large-format ceramic tiles by GIGACER in selected Le Corbusier colours lend every room a fascinating colour depth. 

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Le Corbusier wall coverings

The Belgian company ARTE was inspired by Le Corbusier's life's work and brought the Architectural Polychromy into a new fascinating dimension.

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Become a licensee

Selected manufacturers in the fields of architecture and design are already using the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier brand for successful market differentiation.

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Colour samples

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