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Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier Skirting Boards for surprising details

The right plinth for every floor covering. There are as many baseboard variations as floor coverings. Baseboards ensure the perfect transition between floor and wall. From the core skirting board to the special profile: the location determines the model.

Döllken Profiles GmbH specializes in the production of skirting boards and floor profiles. From purely plastic-based solutions to high-quality core skirting boards with HDF core, the products are developed for and with the customer and therefore perfectly match the requirements of the professional floor layer. Döllken's decades of expertise include the ability to create a decorative strip for new floor decors within a very short time. This makes Döllken almost unique in the industry. Since 2002, Döllken has been a strong and successful company under the umbrella of the SURTECO GROUP SE. Embedded in the SURTECO Group, Döllken Profiles has an outstanding surface competence, which in addition to optics is also embodied in perception and additive functions.

The core skirting boards of Döllken Profiles are manufactured following a special process: high-quality cores made from FSC-certified softwood fibers are encased in high-performance polymers, which makes the core skirting boards very robust. The core skirting boards of the Cubu series are available in all 63 original Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours of the Architecturale Polychromie.

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Döllken Profiles GmbH is a German, medium-sized company within the international group of SURTECO GROUP SE. For all inquiries, the head office is there for you.

Döllken Profiles GmbH
Gewerbepark U.N.O.
Stangenallee 3
99428 Nohra

Tel.: +49 (0) 36 43 / 41 70-711
Fax.: +49-(0) 36 43 / 41 70-330
E-Mail: info@doellken-profiles.com



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