Le Corbusier wall paint and coatings

The original Le Corbusier colours are available in various applications as wall paints and coatings for interior and exterior designs. Find our manufacturers below with their certified Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier products.

Mineral wall paint

KEIM Colour offers the entire Le Corbusier colour palette as an impressive mineral wall paint for interior and exterior designs under the label poLyChro®.

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Powder coatings

Distinctive façade design with IGP Powder Coatings – the 63 Le Corbusier colours in a matt-velvety powder coating, implemented at the highest level.

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Mineral paints, building paints, plasters + varnishes

As a leading Swiss paint manufacturer, Karl Bubenhofer AG produces all 63 Le Corbusier colours as an emulsion paint of the highest quality.

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Colour samples

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