Le Corbusier's Colour Keyboards

An indispensable tool for architects, interior designers and designers - Le Corbusier's colour keyboards. Complementing the colour collections of 1931 and 1959, Le Corbusier created exciting colour keyboards. These arrange the 63 architectural colours in different moods and at the same time reflect specific functions of the colour.

The colour keyboards of 1931

13 colour keyboards with different spatial moods and exciting colour harmonies. To the colour keyboards of 1931 »

The colour keyboard of 1959

Surprising colour harmonies with more intense colours from the second colour palette by Le Corbusier. To the colour keyboard of 1959  »

" These Keyboards of Colour aim at stimulating personal selection, by placing the task of choosing on a sound systematic basis. In my opinion they offer a method of approach which is accurate and effective, one which makes it possible to plan, in the modern home, colour harmonies which are definitely architectural and yet suited to the natural taste and needs. "

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