Architectural Polychromy

The architectural colours – Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy is a masterpiece. The ideal tool for masterful architectural colour design. It offers 63 fascinating shades that Le Corbusier created in two colour collections – in 1931 and 1959. All shades are eminently architectural, naturally harmonious and can be combined in any way. Each hue has its relevance and embodies specific spatial and human effects.

The colour palette of  1931

43 Puristic Shades

The purist palette of 1931 includes 43 shades in 14 series. The series are composed of solid colours and masterfully graduated brightening. The original coding of the Le Corbusier shades constantly starts with "32xxx" - the series are marked by the last three digits. For example, the ultramarine blue nuances carry the final digits "020 to 024".

In order to recognize personal affinities and to select individual preferences, Le Corbusier also created different colour keyboards with moods that reflect specific functions of the colours. 


The Colour Keyboards of 1931

The colour palette of 1959

20 more intensive shades 

The second collection from 1959 completes the Architectural Polychromy with 20 other colours that are more powerful and dynamic. These shades are labeled "4320x" - from 4320A to 4320W.

Here again, Le Corbusier designed an additional impressive colour keyboard. The combination of colourful and achromatic hues and different brightness values underlines the extraordinary experiences of Le Corbusier in architecture and as a painter, which form the foundation of the entire Architectural Polychromy. 

The colour keyboard of 1959

"Colour in architecture – a means as powerful as the ground plan and section. Or better: polychromy, a component of the ground plan and the section itself."

Impressive possibilities for harmonious colour design with the Architectural Polychromy 

Just like Le Corbusier developed the Architectural Polychromy between 1931 and 1959 for the Swiss company Salubra in form of a wallpaper collection, our certified manufacturers produce high-quality design products based on the original architectural colours.

The wide range of products in the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier colours can be combined harmoniously, giving every living space a very personal and timeless aesthetic at the same time.


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