Discover the Perfect Harmony of Material, Form, and Colour with the Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier Collection at our premium partner FSB


Renowned Les Couleurs Suisse AG has partnered with FSB, a Germany-based manufacturer specialising in door and window handles, offering an exquisite range of shades for selected products. This collaboration seamlessly blends material, form, and colour, solidifying FSB’s position as a trusted partner of top-quality door and window hardware and fittings.


FSB incorporated colour as a vital element of outstanding design, providing planners with a versatile tool to unleash their creative flexibility. "Having stood the test of time, Le Corbusier's colour palette gives every project an individual look, from the door or window handle to the entire space", says FSB Managing Director Tobias Gockeln.FSB believes that hardware choices should align with the surrounding architecture. It should reliably fulfil its functional purpose and seamlessly integrate as a formal design element within the overarching architectural concept. The company’s commitment to exceptional product quality and surface finish is evident in the touch and visual appeal of its products. After all, touching begins in the mind through the eye.

Colour holds significant influence in architecture, and the responsibility of selecting and applying it is paramount. Colour perception can be subconscious or commanding, depending on context. Its true power emerges when skillfully utilised, allowing buildings, rooms, or objects to radiate with brilliance. However, navigating the vast colour systems and countless shades available in the market can make decision-making more challenging. Even a vibrant and visually striking colour scheme does not guarantee its effectiveness in practice. Deliberation is vital to ensure harmony and success of the chosen colour palette.

Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier’s universal and timeless colour palette of 63 shades makes it highly versatile for either eye-catching or discrete integration. The extensive system of harmoniously arranged shades allows for the effortless creation of coordinated results.

"All shades of the Polychromie Architecturale can be combined with one another. The sophisticated system gives architects plenty of scope for creativity, confident that they are making the right choice, thereby simplifying day-to-day planning", adds Jürgen Hess, FSB's second Managing Director.



Partnering with Les Couleurs Suisse AG, FSB ensures consistency in colour schemes across various products, from door and window profiles to barrier-free equipment. FSB’s fittings introduce a harmonious blend or balanced contrast. The aesthetic of 63 perfectly matching shades inspired by nature offers immense freedom.

FSB views fittings for doors and windows, together with ergonomics systems for individuals with reduced mobility, as extensions of the human hand. These palpable experiences are shaped by thoughtful forms and materials. In the 1950s, FSB developed its classic design in collaboration with renowned architects and designers. With an impressive 140-year legacy, FSB is a beacon of consistency and modernity in the industry. FSB has contributed to prestigious projects spanning educational institutions, office blocks, private residences, research centres, and many more. This multifaceted approach reflects FSB’s versatility and adaptability to ever-evolving needs.

The company’s unwavering commitment to sustainability is a cornerstone of its operations. FSB’s products serve as a vital interface between people and architecture, seamlessly merging aesthetics and functionality. Throughout its almost two-decade journey, FSB introspectively questions its environmental impact. Evidence of FSB’s dedication to sustainable practices and its commitment to fostering a harmonious balance between people, architecture, and the environment.

Beyond functionality, Le Corbusier’s colours shape spaces and create captivating atmospheres. FSB’s 1267 product family and ErgoSystem A100 handles and accessories contribute to this transformative power. The ErgoSystem A100 sets new standards for aesthetics and barrier-free comfort. Its unique diagonal alignment of the oval grip cross-section ensures optimal ergonomic grip.

FSB and Les Couleurs®Le Corbusier’s collaboration marks a significant milestone in design, combining material, form, and colour to elevate the user experience. With the seamless integration of Le Corbusier’s colour palette, architects and planners now have the tools to craft bespoke and harmonious spaces, where aesthetics delight and functional excellence coexist.