How Le Corbusier and Käthe Kollwitz merge in the Kunsthaus Zurich.


During his whole life, Le Corbusier worked on colour with the greatest interest. Käthe Kollwitz, on the other hand, consistently rejected the use of colour in her works throughout her career. The Kunsthaus Zurich merges the opposites and subtly challenges the viewer to perceive the exhibition works underpinned by colour associations.



The The Kunsthaus Zurich is currently presenting a captivating exhibition in which the works of artist Käthe Kollwitz enter into a fascinating dialogue with the interventions of contemporary artist Mona Hatoum.

Not only are two impressive artistic perspectives combined, but the powerful colours of the exhibition rooms also play a crucial role in creating contrasts and a very specific atmosphere.


The colours used in the exhibition rooms loosen up the emotional charge and depth of the works. Three shades have been carefully chosen from Le Corbusier's Architectural Polychromy, including bold Orange Vif 4320S, earthy ocher Ocre 32060 and vibrant Céruléen Moyen 32032.


Orange Vif 4320S: This vivid orange radiates warmth and vitality. In the specific context of the exhibition, it gives the works of Käthe Kollwitz an additional level of intensity. Kollwitz's work is known for its haunting depiction of human suffering and social injustice. The Orange Vif creates a subtle contrast to the often somber themes of her works, while emphasizing the human resilience and hope that resonates in her characters.


Ocre 32060: The earthy ocher forms an impressive background for Mona Hatoum's interventions. Hatoum's works are characterized by their abstraction and their ability to question spaces. The ocher gives Hatoum's room installations a natural and at the same time enigmatic aura. It is reminiscent of earth and materiality, and subtly contrasts with the modern and industrial-looking elements of her works.




Céruléen Moyen 32032: The lively Céruléen Moyen creates a remarkable connection between the two artists. This strong blue colour contrasts with the darker tones of Kollwitz's work, while combining the abstract nature of Hatoum's interventions with Kollwitz's realistic depictions. Blue can be interpreted as a symbolic bridge between past and present.




In the exhibition “Taking a Stand”, the coloured walls create tension and coherence. Le Corbusier's colors Orange Vif 4320S, Ocre 32060 and Céruléen Moyen 32032 act as subtle intermediaries between the works of Käthe Kollwitz and Mona Hatoum. They enhance the emotional depth, draw attention to details and create a visual experience that immerses visitors in the world of the two artists.


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The original colours of the Polychromie Architecturale are provided in Switzerland by Karl Bubenhofer AG. Le Corbusier | KARL BUBENHOFER AG (

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