Le Corbusier's Chromatic Elegance:

Looking back at “Le Corbusier and Colour” (Zurich, 2021)


Reflections on a Masterful Exhibition and News from
Le Pavillon Le Corbusier and The Museum für Gestaltung Zürich



Reminiscing on "Le Corbusier and Color" (2021): an exhibition dedicated to the master of modern architecture and his innovative use of colour. Organised at the Pavilion Le Corbusier in Zurich, in collaboration with the Museum für Gestaltung Zürich, the exhibition was a spectacular display of Le Corbusier’s various artistic stages in relation to colour, his creation and use of the “Polychromie Architecturale”.



A celebration of architectural brilliance and chromatic innovation
The exhibition was an experiential homage to Le Corbusier's Polychromie Architecturale and its development and application throughout the years. Comprised of 63 fascinating shades, Le Corbusier’s architectural colour tool allows you to create naturally harmonious compositions with hues that carry specific spatial and human effects.

Firstly developed in 1931 and then later in 1959, through the Polychromie, Le Corbusier studied the ways in which colour could downplay or bring to forefront architectural structures such as walls and ceilings. This colour system was also used to segment entire spaces or parts of the home, further continuing to play between the dissolution and containment of objects and their spaces. Le Corbusier developed 13 individual colour keyboards, each of which produces a certain atmospheric effect.




This exhibition carefully retraced Le Corbusier’s different artistic and architectural passages with colour and its effect by showcasing various examples of how the Polychromie had been applied through the years.



A vivid narrative was outlined by presenting numerous original sketches, scale models, and interactive installations. Each piece curated to allow you to immerse yourself in the architect's visionary world.



One could also speculate that the exhibition terminates with the Pavillon itself, a building that stands not only as a testament to Le Corbusier’s work, but also as the culmination of his fascination with colour in architecture.



An Ethereal Interplay of Hues

The images provided offer a mere glimpse into the ethereal effects of the colours that Le Corbusier so masterfully employed. The bold reds, deep blues, and serene yellows created spaces that felt alive, demonstrating how architecture is not just about form, but also about the emotive power of colour.




The Mission of Les Couleurs Suisse

Our commitment at Les Couleurs Suisse transcends preservation; it's about breathing life into Le Corbusier's legacy. As we continue to champion this chromatic legacy, let us carry the inspiration from the exhibition into our daily lives, appreciating the beauty, and effect, that colours can create in our spaces.




We are delighted that Le Corbusier’s iconic hues remain a vibrant part of the architectural dialogue, inspiring designers, and architects worldwide. We want to thank both institutions together with the curators Christian Brändle and Arthur Rüegg for their amazing work and dedication to a distinctive and polyhedric figure such as that of Le Corbusier.


Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives and continue to explore the vibrant world of Le Corbusier's colours with us. Upcoming exhibitions to look out for:


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Please Note: For a more immersive experience, we encourage our community to visit Le Pavillon LeCorbusier and Museum für Gestaltung Zürich’s site where you can find their digital archives, where you can find the complete description and publication of the exhibition, and their official programs.

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