An Elegant December For Architecture & Interior Design

Colours of December, the epitome of nature and holiday spirit, blend seamlessly into every room, creating an ambiance of merriment and elegance all year long.

Le Corbusier’s Architectural Polychromy constructs the very essence of what this mirthful season brings into our lives.

This winter will bring a rich, warm colour palette with a vibrant atmosphere - bright bauble reds, pine greens, golden hues, and complimentary cranberry shades.

Sophistication Is A Work Of Art

32101 Rouge Rubia

Elegant, lush, and joyous in its own right, not to mention that it wonderfully integrates with Le Corbusier's 4320M le rubis. The 32101 rouge rubia is a traditional shade for great painters. The art of red.

This gorgeous yet intense shade demonstrates the arc that Le Corbusier created from his 1931 colour collection - a reminder of his love for nature and the red hues of the Architectural Polychromy. A deep red that empowers passion and draws in action and fire-like movements - silk like attraction for the interior and exterior spaces.

4320R Ombre Naturelle 59

The deep dark natural umber, camouflages yet highlight elements of other colours. Evocative in nature, yet spiritual, and calm, much like a bark tone within a nurtured environment.

The 4320R ombre naturelle 59 is what sets your space apart from objects inside the room, discreetly showing itself while allowing other areas and surfaces to come forward. A remarkable addition to apartments and studios.

4320W Le Jaune Vif

A high contrasting colour like the 4320W le jaune vif stimulates the ancient ochre from its yellow pigment when exposed to natural light. As an architect and/or designer, such a bright and vibrant colour is bold, happy, and expresses a level of unlimited creativity when combined with Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards and atmospheres.

32050 Vert Foncé

The heart of what makes us think of nature is the rich brilliant green. Although popular for summer, the 32050 vert foncé connects a wintery pine atmosphere to human sensibilities perfectly. Calm and fresh, this shade of green will grab natural lighting at the fullest, complimented by Le Corbusier’s Velvet II atmosphere.

Architectural Polychromy Colour Combination

Atmospheres and collections

Each organic colour pigment has continued to serve creative freedom for architects and designers for many decades. For buildings and interior spaces, each pigment harmoniously reflects the 1931 and 1959 collections.

Each colour is significant to your story, whether it be 32101 rouge rubia or multiple colours like the 4320W le jaune vif, 4320R ombre naturelle 59, and 32050 vert foncé.

By combining these elements, you can create harmonious combinations that connect to the space, both on the inside and on the outside.


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