Large format ceramic tiles

Inspired by Le Corbusier’s 'Maison de la Culture'


„Our 'Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics' collection offers new creative possibilities for surface design in the unique colours of the Architectual Polychromy. The unsurpassed depth and consistent harmony of the colours, in combination with our high quality and large format ceramic tiles, create an impressive aesthetic – without dimensional limitations."


– Alfredo Brusa, Managing Director GIGACER –

Colour is an inherent part in Le Corbusier’s architecture but not only on wall and façade. During his puristic phase 1928, Le Corbusier built the Villa Savoye. In this building the effect of colour is expressed with coloured tiles on floor and in bathroom. The floor in the entrance area is tiled with white, diagonal flagged tiles while the black tiled circular staircase, which leads to the roof terrace, demonstrates the idea of the Architectural Promenade.

The atmospheric ochre-coloured tiles on the floor create a special ambiance in combination with the rose wall of the living room. Walking out of the living room through the open hall into the opposite part of the building, one discovers the unmistakable 'en suite’ bathroom. In the bath Le Corbusier used light and deep blue mosaic tiles to convey a calming mood and the sense of water and width; the colour contrast of the 'Chaise Longue' separates the open bathroom and bedroom.

The new Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier ceramic tile collection by the prestigious Italian manufacturer GIGACER is a consequent step in extending the possibilities of designing with the Architectural Polychromy. The licensee’s first ceramic tile series is inspired by the striking interplay of the grey 'Béton Blanc' and the vivid colours of the Maison de la Culture’s 'Brise Soleil'.

The company presented 'Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics’ in Europe during the Salone del Mobile 2017. The timeless Le Corbusier colours are available in three combinable options:


LCS 1 glossy

Glazed porcelain, glossy and brilliant. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor; available in 12 high-contrast colours.

LCS 2 line

Produced on the basis of 'Béton Blanc', it features linear bas-relief engravings in the 6 'LCS 1' colour shades; with a matt finish – the ideal solution for wall and floor coverings. The signature design impulse for 'LCS2' came from the 'Brise Soleil' of the Maison de la Culture in Firminy (built by Le Corbusier in his brutalist phase 1956).

Béton Gris & Béton Blanc

Reminiscent of the minimalist character of the famous 'Béton Blanc' GIGACER recommends the matt unglazed ceramic tiles as the optimal component for combing with the 'Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics' colours.


The catalogue 

The ceramic tiles are available in large formats up to 120x250 cm and can be cut individually on request. Here you can find the latest catalogue of GIGACERS's 'Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics' Collection.


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