The Building Envelope in Le Corbusier Colours

Thanks to the partnership with Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier, heroal now offers the original Le Corbusier colours in the areas of windows, doors and facades.


The heroal portfolio stands for engineering work „Made in Germany“, for innovation and quality as well as for market leadership in the field of high-grade, modular aluminium systems for the building shell – with systems that are perfectly matched to each other.

heroal is coating its products in Le Corbusier colours with architectural coatings of the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier manufacturer IGP Powder Coatings.


"The colour design of the system solutions for private and commercial buildings offers processors, builder-owners and architects a creative leeway which is EASY and BETTER."

Under the Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier brand of authenticity, the Les Couleurs Suisse AG is offering the masterfully colour scheme and original colours by Le Corbusier's, in partnership with international manufacturers of architectural and design products. The licensed and certified Les Couleurs® Le Corbusier manufacturers produce premium products based on the Architectural Polychromy, for outstanding architecture and remarkable colour design.

Le Corbusier components

The Swiss company BRUAG offers project specific and individually perforated building components in the materials CELLON®, Formboard top pine, MDF and plywood in Le Corbusier colours.

Le Corbusier Design tiles

For the first time at Expo Revestir 2018 in São Paulo, Brazilian Portobello Grupo presented its new collection of ceramic tiles in Le Corbusier colours. It complements the Le Corbusier design tiles of the Italian company GIGACER, which cooperates in partnership with Portobello. GIGACER already offers three impressive collections -inspired by Le Corbusier works- which can be used as large format wall and floor tiles.

Le Corbusier carpet flooring

ANKER Professional Carpet has translated the entire Architectural Polychromy into a colour encyclopedia of textile floor design, offering a wide range of design creativity with a broad variety of designs and materials. Left picture: Anker carpet flooring in Room Mate Giulia

Le Corbusier Wallcovering

At ARTE, one of the most prestigious companies in its sector, unique wall coverings can be selected from two Le Corbusier collections - inspired by works of the Grand Master, designed with an elegantly modern look & feel.

Le Corbusier Parquet floors

Secret d'Atelier, a brand of the French company CFP, offers parquet floors in Le Corbusier colours that combine historical know-how with modern design and elegance.

Le Corbusier Switches & Systems

With the classic series LS 990 and the LS ZERO series in all 63 Le Corbusier colours, the premium supplier JUNG opens up a comprehensive spectrum for the selection of light switches, sockets and systems.

Le Corbusier Radiators

Exclusive radiators in Le Corbusier colours that combine an understanding of material and function with an unmistakable sense of design and interior design can be sourced from Runtal, a brand of Zehnder Group.

Le Corbusier Curtain rods

Expressive curtain rods in matching Le Corbusier colours are offered by the Prade Wohnakzente’s design brand BLOME with its collection EMOTION.

Le Corbusier Wall paint

KEIMFARBEN offers the entire original colour palette of Le Corbusier under the label poLyChro® as mineral wall paint for interior and exterior designs. In Switzerland, the 63 Le Corbusier colours can also be obtained from KABE Farben in the form of different coating solutions for indoor and outdoor use. Left picture: KEIMFARBEN in the Hotel Miramonte

Le Corbusier Powder coating

IGP Powder Coatings offers all Le Corbusier shades as impressively matt powder coatings in two product series, for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Le Corbusier Kitchens

LEICHT® makes it possible to integrate design kitchens into the interior colour design with Le Corbusier - as rooms of maximum individuality, living spaces that create the luxury of well-being and thus a decisive added value. Left picture: Architectural kitchens by LEICHT

Le Corbusier System furniture

With its brands Bosse and Dauphin Home, Dauphin HumanDesign® Group provides modular system furniture in Le Corbusier colours - for office, living, dining and bedrooms as well as for dressing and entrance areas.

Le Corbusier Design furniture

With a wide range of design chairs, lounges and tables by Dietiker, object rooms are furnished in Le Corbusier colours - from congress halls to educational centres or hospitals and senior residences. For bar and restaurant facilities, Manufakt provides the chair ‘Tristan’, developed by Swiss designer This Weber.

Le Corbusier Outdoor furniture

Manufakt combines artisanal outdoor classics for gastronomy, hotel and public areas with the harmonious colours of Le Corbusier. Left picture: "Tristan" by Designer This Weber & Manufakt


Hello Claudia, we are happy to hear how much you like the Le Corbusier colours! Our product catalogue with all our licensed manufacturers will come shortly ! You will find it as a PDF download on the overview page of "Our manufacturers".


I love this Le Corbusier palette you are introducing and I would like to know if you have a PDF catalogue to include in our data base for future projects.

Thank you very much.

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