Posts of category: Colour Design

Posts of category: Colour Design

Blue Hues … How the World’s most popular colour reacts with other tints, shades and tones; and what lies beneath the secret power of blue?

We talk about the colour psychology of blue; Explore some blue idioms; Examine blue’s complementary, triadic, analogous and split complementary colours and touch on unexpected blue palettes. Discuss blue’s popularity in advertising and branding and why/how they work.

How colour affects mood and productivity

Spaces have changed as a result of Covid-19, we examine how colour affects mood and productivity and explore the emotional impact of colour and potential gains of using the right colours in the workplace, and why colour can actively improve our overall wellness.

Deciding on a Primary Colour

How to incorporate primary colours. Understanding primary colours and understanding their colour psychology properties and how these impact on deciding on a primary colour. Le Corbusier enjoyed incorporating primary colours in his designs - Unité d’habitation, his multi-functional space in Marseille demonstrated how he embraced primary colours and recognised the effects primary colours had upon the end user. Read our latest article for the whole story.

Colour Philosophy in Architecture and Design – Grey (All about the Grey Scale) - Part III

Im letzten Teil unserer Trilogie zu Grau gehen wir auf die Graustufen ein und wie man Le Corbusiers sieben Grautöne in einer Standardformel der Grauskala anordnen würde. Ausserdem wir vergleichen eines von Le Corbusiers Bildern eines Innenraums und interpretieren es auf der Grauskala.

How to use Le Corbusier’s colour keyboards for perfect colour concepts, every time

The perfect colour palette means combining subjectivity with a logical system. This is exactly what Le Corbusier‘s #polychromiearchitecturale allows, primarily through the use of colour keyboards. Read our latest article for more

Living with colour

Living with colour by Le Corbusier – a prospective interior designer explains exclusively to Les Couleurs Le Corbusier the colour concept of his appartment and how designing with exclusive wall colours was for him.

The timeless Le Corbusier colours for contemporary architecture

"Just a few years ago, I read “Architectural Polychromy” and I literally fell in love with this theme. What I found more interesting about colours and Le Corbusier is his approach." Lucia Fiorucci is an architect from Italy and writes a personal article about her approach to Architectural Polychromy and the colours of Le Corbusier.

« Colour is about emphasizing the power of architecture, not painting over it.»

"Every place and every task requires an individual solution - each one as different as our clients themselves". Le Corbusier also knew about the subjective effects of architecture, colour, art and words on individuals. Le Corbusier colours are in the hotel "Adenauerallee" in Hamburg by the architects of Strömer Murphy and Partners from Hamburg - an interview.

Fresh paint for a 60s building

Le Corbusier himself said that colour in architecture was a powerful means – like the ground plan and the cut. In Karlsruhe, a "grey mouse" has been brought back to life in a creative way and with much love, making use of licensed Le Corbusier colours.

Colour doesn’t have to be flat paint

Colour is not just flat paint - solutions to make historically proven elements future-oriented through creative colour and material combinations. Mrs. Hildegard Kalthegener shows creative results of our time and trends for 2020+.